Creating sustainable agriculture through the use of SPACE data and emerging technology


Airbus and ChristchurchNZ are seeking the brightest minds from around the country to develop a product or service that detects, monitors or measures water or soil pollution using the very latest satellite and unmanned aircraft (UA) technology data.


Climate change and a growing global population mean there is a need to increase agricultural production while minimising the environmental impact. 

How can we minimise water pollution from agricultural activities including effluents, fertilisers, and pesticides? How can we maintain soil health and reduce leaching, soil erosion, sediments, and runoff from logging?

The answer lies in new technology.

New technology from space-based imagery and remote sensing to unmanned aircraft have revolutionised the agritech sector. The goal of the Challenge is to leverage these technologies to find new and innovative solutions to help build a strong, sustainable agricultural sector. 

We need your help to keep New Zealand environmentally sustainable for future generations.

Submit your proposal, create the technology, demonstrate the technology and you could win up to NZ$30,000, start-up support and access to Airbus satellite data to help start your business.

Full application submission:  15 September 2019
Technology demonstration: 17 October 2019
Awards ceremony in Christchurch: 18 October 2019