“Using satellite and UAV technologies, develop a product or service that detects and/or monitors/measures agricultural pollutants in water or soil.”


Building a sustainable and environmentally conscious agriculture industry in New Zealand: The national New Zealand Aerospace Challenge is to develop and apply space and UAV technologies to address current problems today. The 2019 Challenge seeks innovative solutions to detect and measure agricultural pollution to preserve our global environment.


We need your help to keep New Zealand environmentally sustainable for future generations.

How would you detect and measure agricultural pollution in water or soil? Submit your idea using space and UAV technologies and you could win $50,000 in prize money and incubation support to develop your solution. Winner will be announced on 18 October 2019 in Christchurch

Application Period: X March 2019
Prequalification Ends: 15 April 2019
Full Application Submission: 15 September 2019


prequalification ends 15 april 2019