Possibilities (and impossibilities) at the heart of innovation

“It’s no secret that change is needed in the primary sector to help tackle climate change and boost environmental outcomes.

“There’s already great work happening across the country towards changing the way we farm, grow and operate, and innovation plays a massive role. At the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), we’re committed towards encouraging and supporting innovation. Partnering with organisations like ChristchurchNZ will help us to uncover new, ground-breaking solutions.” Cathy Robinson, MPI.

Cathy Robinson, is the Director Investment Portfolio at MPI. She calls herself a ‘silent enabler’ as she works behind the scenes of MPI’s innovation partnerships. Her team oversees MPI’s 18 investment funds, and develops different investment approaches and partnerships to deliver programmes that promote innovation so MPI can deliver greater outcomes for New Zealand.

“I’m really interested in innovation. I like the fact that we are inspiring people to think outside the square, to engage with different voices and different perspectives.”

Her passion for engaging with different views of the world is infectious. “I think a big part of innovation is getting different voices at the table, discussing issues and opportunities, and exploring the range of possibilities – and even impossibilities.”

ChristchurchNZ originally met Cathy at the Grow 2019 Agri-Summit in April this year. “They mentioned the NZ Aerospace Challenge and how the space industry is using space-based remote sensing and unmanned aircrafts to help identify solutions to current sustainability issues in the agriculture sector. I was so intrigued,” says Cathy.

“Working with ChristchurchNZ on the NZ Aerospace Challenge is a great opportunity to draw together the different skills, experience and resources of both organisations.

“We’re thrilled to be an NZ Aerospace Challenge partner and can’t wait to see the innovative solutions the challenge will bring.”

The Ministry of Primary Industries is a supporter of the New Zealand Aerospace Challenge 2019

Cathy Robinson, Director Investment Portfolio at the Ministry of Primary Industries

Cathy Robinson, Director Investment Portfolio at the Ministry of Primary Industries